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Magnetic 96 Well Separator Life Technologies

24 96 and 384well magnet plates to meet all your magnetic separation needs alpaqua magnet plates are used in a variety of magnetic beadbased nucleic acid isolation applications such as dna and rna extraction and pcr cleanup.

  • The Perfect Fit For Magnetic Separation

    A001322 96s super magnet plate 96well magnet plate for large volume separations faster separations a000250 96m magnum™ powerful 96well magnet plate for faster separation large volumes or high viscosity samples a000400 magnum flx enhanced universal magnet plate universal 96well magnet plate with the most

  • Axygen Axyprep Magnetic Bead

    Axygen imag magnetic separation devices msd and axyprep magnetic bead purification kits cut the total separation process and labor by up to 50 imag msds are available in tube imag12t or 96 well microplate format imag96p they enable manual users to process any magnetic beadsbased purification or cleanup process as easily and

  • Chromium™ Single Cell 3’ Reagent Kits User Guide

    Contact outlicensinglifetechcom or out licensing life technologies 5791 van allen way carlsbad california 92008 10x™ magnetic separator • thermo fisher veriti 96well

  • Dynamag™96 Side Magnet

    Description the dynamag™96 side magnet is optimized to pull all types of dynabeads range 1–45 m in diameter to the sides of pcr tubes or to the sides of wells in 96well plates designed for both automation platforms eg tecan and manual workflows this magnet is not compatible with pcr tubes but is compatible with pcrstrips and 96well plates 200 l nonskirted and

  • Biomagnetic Separator Device For 96 Well

    Dexter magnetic technology 1050 morse avenue elk grove village il 60007 dextermagcom 847 9561140 lifesep™ 96f biomagnetic separator device for 96 well microtiter plates dexter’s patented mx series of magnetic separators for well microtiter plate units are durable and

  • 2014 Isolating Astrocytes And Neurons Sequentially From

    From postnatal murine brains with a magnetic cell separation technique bd biocoat 96well plate becton dickinson franklin lake life technologies

  • Lifesep Magnetic Separator Unit 96f For 96 Well Tray

    Lifesep magnetic separator unit 96f for 96 well tray find nullz740159 msds related peerreviewed papers technical documents similar products amp more at

  • Magnetic 96 Well

    Lifesep magnetic separator unit 96p for 96 well tray deep well sigmaz740158 shm05 sigmaaldrich mission expressmag 96well magnet increases transduction efficiency

  • D Ynabeads Magnetic Beads

    Magnet magnetic bead products have a long shelf life minimum of 18 months and can be used with tubes or to process multiple samples in 6 24 48 or 96well plates cell isolation methods positive isolation negative isolation depletion description isolate one cell type from the sample using targetspecific beads isolate one cell type

  • Midimacs Separator Miltenyi Biotec

    Midimacs separator supplied by miltenyi biotec used in various techniques 10 vv fcs 100 uml penicillin and 100 mgml streptomycin all from life technologies gmbh darmstadt germany on a 96well roundbottomed plate greiner bioone frickenhausen germany with 25 μgml cpg oligodeoxynucleotide 2006 5’tcg

  • Thermo Scientific Magnetic Bead Technology

    Pierce protein ag magnetic beads or dynabeads protein a or protein g life technologies were added to a 96 deepwell plate 1mg beads per well using the thermo scientific™kingfisher™ 96 instrument the beads were incubated for one hour with varying amounts of purified rabbit igg 20 to

  • Taqman Gene Expression Assays — 96 Well Fast 01

    Taqman gene expression assays — 96‑well fast 01‑ml life technologies corporation andor its affiliates warrant their products as set forth in the life technologies general terms and conditions of sale found on life technologies website

  • Accelerated Nucleic Acid Purification

    Tevacs™ vacuum separation module each tevacs can accommodate 96well filter plates and the vacuum can be gradually increased to achieve optimal binding and elution conditions multiple tevacs units can be integrated onto one freedom evo platform to reach the desired sample throughput magnetic bead

  • Deep Well Magnabot 96 Magnetic Separation Device From

    The magnabot ii magnetic separation device cat v8351 is designed to work with a 96well pcr plate a 96well pcr plate containing magnesil paramagnetic particles is placed on the unit to draw the particles to the side and away from the bottom of each well this allows for the quantitative removal of liquids the plate clamp 96

  • 96 Well Plate Stand At Thomas Scientific

    The zr96 magstand is a magnetic stand for the separation of magnetic beads in standard 96well format plates especially for highthroughput applications including the following product lines ez96 dna methylation magprep product line zr96 genomic dna magprep zyppy96

  • Accelerated Nucleic Acid Purification

    Vacuum separation – tevacs thermocycling magnetic extraction – 96well magnetic separator quantification magnetic extraction – temags centrifugation thirdparty device integration to extend your workflow beyond extraction we can integrate almost any thirdparty device such as thermocyclers and sealers to complete your pcr

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